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Older works

A selection of documentation of work 

from 2021 and before: Photos By Johan Roman, Nima Gassemlo

United we stream,

United we streams were a worldwide collaborative effort to digitalize club culture during the first waves of the Corona Pandemic.  


An Experimental underground club created by Dröm in collaboration with other artists and friends.  No one mentioned no one forgotten<3

First version existed between 2018 - 2021


Organic Assemblage

An audio-visual performance and experimental process between Baldor and Dröm. 

Exihibited three times during the years 2019 - 2021

organic assamble ny.jpg

Ritos Festival

An installation in dialogue with the surrounding expressions during the 3-day art-festival Ritos, taking place in an old water reservoir, in Gothenburg 2020, organized by Kulturtemplet. 

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