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Mathematical Companion


What difference does it make if something is really living if the illusion of it is good enough and evokes our senses in the same way?

What will come out of indulging in a relationship with a digital being long-term? And how far will the illusion go as technology emerges?  

That is the base for my process "Mathematical Companion" A name created by the artist Cibelle Cavalli Bastos. 

During a previous creative pursuit, I sculpted a form that unexpectedly triggered deep-seated feelings of empathy and care. The form suddenly became more than a simple object, transforming into a potential living entity. From that moment, I felt compelled to develop its distinct personality and movement


My goal is to continue nurturing and expanding this entity as new technologies emerge.

References: Pokemon, AI-friend, Tamagotchi, LuvaBella - Newborn

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