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I Am Sunrise / I Am Sunset

Title: I Am Sunrise / I Am Sunset
Digital Performance

01.22.2022 - 01.22.2023


Documentation: Video 5:42 min

"I Am Sunrise / I Am Sunset" was a digital performance taking place on the social media platform Twitter during the year 2022 to 2023. 

The performance consisted of two posts being made every day for 365 days on the account @Sexydreamlayer, every post caring a daily reflection made out of a freshly taken photo from an iPhone Pro13, with an added layer painted by the artist using the screen.

The posts interacted with the Twitter audience through the messages "Gm" or "Gn", as a part of the subculture message indicating that you are going either to bed or just waking up being posted on the app as a more or less daily routine. 

Note from the journal Reflections on IAS/IAS:


Imperfection and rules:

"As the days went by, the rules I set as a frame for the performance started to feel like a prison, and the process changed from something I wanted to do to something I needed to do. This could trigger both anxiety and stress.  The fight between my human senses and wiring came in direct conflict with my will and plan to act as a machine/bot. 

This conflict changed the performance. I started to see my human failure toward the rules as an important contrast, a contribution to the work instead of something destroying the work. Me not being able to apply the rules because of the lack of control over the physical world and my body could also be seen as some form of organic coding"

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