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Hybrid Nature

Proposal for Kune Festival


I want to create an audio and visual installation that integrates digital 3D kinetic artworks through augmented reality technology, accompanied by immersive sounds that fill the physical space.


The installation is flexible in design and can be tailored to fit the available space. It will push the boundaries in several areas by bringing together cutting-edge technologies in a simple and cost-effective manner, providing a one-of-a-kind and unique artistic experience for festival-goers.


This is a preliminary draft and vision for the installation, and the details will be refined through a collaborative dialogue with you as curators. The visual and audio content will evolve as the project progresses through experimentation. 


As you step into the room, a symphony of repeating sounds greets you. Though familiar in their organic nature, the sounds are new to your ears. The room is reminiscent of a forest, where the rustling of leaves, chirping of birds, and rustling of rabbits combine to create a harmonious soundscape.


On the rough pedestals in the room, you see that they are initially empty. However, as the sounds continue to fill the air, you notice that each pedestal is linked to a specific sound. Beside each pedestal is a sleek floor stand that holds a digital device with a screen aimed at the pedestal. As you examine the screens, you see that they are no longer empty; something is moving on the pedestals.


Curious, you lift up the device and start to move around the pedestal. The sound and image on the screen are now intimately linked in your mind, and you feel as though the object on the pedestal is physically present, even though it can only be seen through the device.

IMG_8806 2.jpg

(Small space version) 1 pedestal surrounded by 4 standing Ipads. On each screen, there is a different visual version showing on the same pedestal. 


(Bigger space version) More pedestals surrounded by 1 or 2 standing Ipads. 

The Hanging version for the iPad is a more secure and theft-proof solution if needed.

In this early sketches I have worked with lidarscanned physical stones and tried combinations to show the pontential.  (The sounds I leave for you to imagine for now)



Big 31 100 kr

Small 19700 kr



Pedestals: 1000 - 6000 kr depending on how many I need to make. 

Ipad floor stands. 

Steel: 1500 kr 

Production 2000 kr 


Rental of ipads:

4000 kr ( 4 x 700 - 1000 kr / week ) 


Charging solution

2000 kr. 


4 x monitors or smaller speakers, amplifier and maybe a mixer.

2000 - 6000 kr. 

Quadraphonic sound could be cool. But it can also be done simply with just 4 different Bluetooth speakers connected to the Ipads. 

Rental 1 - 3 x spotlights.

1200 - 3600 kr. 

Offdays from second job compensation

 5 days - 6000 kr 

For the rental, I have estimated 5 days rental. 

*Since I don't really know how you finance the art at the festival, I also want to say that the budget is flexible and I am used to working with cheap solutions if that is needed.


If you apply for money from example the commune I would like to boost the budget to get more professional outsourcing, for example, for the floor stands so I can focus more on the sound and visual content and get the most professional result*  

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