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Cycle 2 (open process)

Cycle 2 is a consequence of the digital performance

"I am sunrise / I am sunset" taking place on Twitter during the year 2022. 

The performance consisted of two posts being made every day for 365 days on the account @Sexydreamlayer, every post caring a daily reflection made out of a freshly taken photo from an iPhone Pro13, with an added layer painted by the artist using the screen.

The posts interacted with the Twitter audience through the messages Gm or Gn, as a part of the subculture message indicating that you are going either to go to bed or just waking up being posted on the app as a more or less daily routine. 











The phenomenon in itself becomes a substitute, a digital sunrise, and sunset, but since the culture is worldwide with different time zones, the physical connection to rotation around the sun disappears. 


The algorithm also decides when to show your post to other people. Making it even more random from who or when a post might appear and adding to the complexity of the phenomena. 

The seeming lack of control makes an illusion of authentic, or something pure.  

Randomness, no controlled access, and imperfections make beauty in the digital world. 


Every piece of the cycle has to be unique


A cycle should never be shown in its full after its completion

A cycle has to surface random/intuitively for the creator during the creation

(This can be created through frames of rules and tools for expression)


13 days of the cycle

This phenomenon seems to exist to fill different functions. ​ As a friendly message to easily show collective unity without a specific receiver or directed message. A possibility for others to start an interaction by simply wishing u good morning.  Like saying hey to your neighbors, just that there is no physical relationship between you and that other person continually interacting.  ​ As proof of work, Work by showing up, and making the digital culture able to exist, in return you get a higher chance to be accepted and promoted by the community, which also carries a subtle message of possible income. ​ As a function to stay consistent and relevant for the algorithm ​ As a subcultural joke, started by the founder of Rug Radio

Early phone - sketch visualizing the cycle being shown in a device consisting of circle tube opening up at one place as a square monitor.

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