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Site-specific AR solutions 

The infrastructure and tools we provide for using new technology are fundamental for laying the groundwork of what visions will be persuaded and what will come out of the creative process that follows. The development areas we decide on today will affect what the world will look like tomorrow. I believe that the true power of AR is not to be a floating added layer on top of our physical reality, but instead a layer that is integrated with it. Making our digital everyday life more harmonic and in balance with human basic function principles. Adding to our shared experience instead of distracting us from it.   

My background, knowledge, and perspective come from creating site-specific art for the last 10 years. I got interested in AR technology during the corona pandemic. When isolation and lack of access to public spaces provided big challenges for me to create and forced me to look for new ways of driving my process forward. I realized very quickly that the technology was in a lot earlier stage than I had envisioned and that the journey would be to be a part of the development to be able to access the potential that attracted me to it. And provide my artistic perspective on a technology that is going to impact our everyday life in the future to come. 

After researching and experimenting with it for the last one and a half year I have made two conclusions, the possibilities I envisioned is not out of reach but the focus areas of the big tech companies driving the construction of the infrastructure lie somewhere else and are driven by incentives pushing the technology in a whole other direction and are done from a perspective of selling our focus rather than enriching our shared reality. This is of course not a big surprise to anyone that has been following past groundbreaking technology journeys for the last 30 years. 


But today the big masses have a lot more knowledge and can do better, and fight to impact the direction and drive it towards something that our children will thank us for in the future.

I might sound naive to believe that but that is the role of the artist to be in this case. 

I tried for a short time to impact this in dialogue with bigger companies since being able to get access direct lines of communication with the teams doing the work inside these companies was fairly easy 1 year ago. Since they also were in need of feedback from early users of their software. 

This was naive and a waste of time since our interest and incentives do not realine and have fundamental conflicts inwritten to it. I do not judge them since from their perspective my vision is not good business and is working against their company's core interest of creating the next new company monopoly technology box, making everyone dependent on them and enslaved to the tools and canvas they provide. 

Trying this made it very clear that the need for making technology research and development outside of these big conglomerates is essential. But hard to do alone and without resources, after unknowingly speaking about this with one of your former residencies, he told me about space10 and opened my view on who you are and that this is exactly what you do for people. 

I, therefore, ask you at space10 to help me be able to do this, I have narrowed down a focus area and done the pre-work of finding outside partners that can help me realize different aspects of the solutions the process will try to enhance.   

This research will benefit everyone looking at AR as a possible tool to use.

Lets get to it!  

 "Yet, we are witnessing a loneliness epidemic among the young, signaling that digital relationships can’t replace in-person connections."

This line from one of the research insights you have published on your site speaks very clearly about what I myself experienced being part of digital communities and exploring the metaverse experimentation and concept as the future of socializing online. 

AR and Site-specific solutions to AR are more about new ways of socializing in the physical world through technology and will open doors for a range of new experiences and incitements to explore the physical world for a digitalized youth. 

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