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The Performance



Performance: I will invite other artists/performers to join me in an infinte fall, using 3D cloned avatars and recorded movements to create a 60 sec loop. 

Accompanied by a soundscape. 


The guests can experience the performance through augmented reality using their phones.  

The physical site will be marked by two stop signs, one in each direction, warning for falling people. 


Interactive extended performance

I will set up a tent/installation with two rooms close by the "falling site"  where up to 20 guests spontaneously can join the performance, by cloning themselves and record a fall. This will be done as a ritual. 

All this will happen during a 4 - 6-hour event at the site one day of the festival. 


I will invite another performance artist to create a character to join me as an assistant "recruiter" and help me carry out the performance. 


I will use all documentation to create a video piece to be released on your website/social media.

I also like the idea of maybe redoing the performance for next year with guests included. Making the piece feel alive. 


= 6775 kr  (Alt 1875 kr)



Cloning software subscription: 375 kr

Signs: 2700 kr x 2 if ordered from a factory.

(maybe 500 kr if I "find" used ones and paint them myself)

Speakers, cables, maybe lights.

1000 kr 

Approx 1 week of work making and setting up the scene. 



=  + 5619 kr  


Cloning software subscription: +619 kr

Tent rental: 1000 kr

Installation decoration: 1000 kr 

Assistant performer: 2000 kr

2 phones / cameras for recording. ...(1000) kr

1 - 2 tv screens. Could probably be found without cost. 

All budgets and decisions are drafts before the process and are not final.

I will try to borrow things and find the cheapest solutions to keep the cost as low as possible. 

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